Here’s what the Distillery team are drinking

The Four Pillars Gin team pose on the bar counter at the Healesville gin distillery.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a classic Rare Dry G&T as much as the next person but sometimes we like to mix things up a bit (a terrible pun intended) and try our hand at making a new drink at home.

And when we’re in need of inspiration, where better to turn to than the home of Four Pillars Gin, our Healesville Distillery. We’ve whipped around the team to sus out who’s drinking what.

A bottle of Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin next to a negroni, a gin based cocktail.

“My favourite gin is Spiced Negroni Gin – it makes a great Negroni. I’d describe myself like the cocktail: bitter and simple.”

– Dave Spurling, Distillery Bar Manager

A bottle of Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin next to a gin and tonic with orange, a gin based cocktail.

“My favourite Four Pillars Gin is Rare Dry Gin. It’s versatile, fresh, clean, and modern – but it’s a bit like choosing a favourite child, and that changes every week.

My favourite non-Four Pillars Gin is Junipero out of San Francisco, in a Martini with a twist. It’s the best modern American gin out there and master distiller Bruce Joseph is a legend. He was incredibly kind and transparent when we were first setting up Four Pillars and we went in to see his set up in the US. I can’t drink that gin without thinking back to that time.”

– Cam Mackenzie, Co-Founder and Head Distiller (aka The Boss)

A bottle of Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin next to a martini, a gin based cocktail.

“My favourite gin is Olive Leaf Gin cause ‘olive you, baby’… ha. But seriously, I love Olive Leaf Gin in a Gibson cause it’s the perfect balance of gin, vermouth, pickled onion happiness and a touch of dry sherry.”

– Lizzie Willans, Bartender Extraordinaire

A bottle of Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin surrounded by oranges, a popular garnish for a gin and tonic.

“My favourite gin is wine. Nahhhh, just kidding. I like Rare Dry Gin, not too much ice, soda water, no garnish.”

– Caro Gray, Kitchen and Produce Manager

A bottle of Four Pillars Sherry Cask Gin next to a gin based cocktail.

“My favourite is Sherry Cask Gin – over ice or neat. I’m a whisky boy so this one speaks to me.”

– Tom Brea, Hospo Team Legend

A bottle of Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin next to a martini, a gin based cocktail.

“At work my favourite drink is Lizzie’s Gimlet. But my favourite gin on a Saturday night is Olive Leaf Gin in a Dirty Martini, while I watch Better Homes and Gardens. And I like Spiced Negroni Gin on a Friday night – in a Negroni, double everything, with Vermouth from Payten & Jones and a Campari-ish thing made by old colleague and new nemesis James Fairlie.”

– Sarah Prowse, Distiller

A bottle of Four Pillars Navy Strength Gin in front of a beautiful sky

“Kinda depends on the time of day and the mood. Friday always calls for an Olive Leaf Martini. Any other day of the week my go-to is a Spiced Negroni G&T with a big slice of grapefruit. Weekends must be a Southside with Navy Strength Gin.”

– Emma Fairlie, Events Whiz

A bottle of Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin next to a gin and tonic, a gin based cocktail. Garnished with a slice of orange.

“There are some things in life you try once and go: how did I live without this?! An electric blanket. Noise cancelling headphones. A dirty gin and tonic. A bartender made this at Music Room in Melbourne and I haven’t looked back. It is simply Olive Leaf Gin, tonic water, a bit of olive brine and a few olives over heaps of ice. Perfect for Martini lovers who want a lighter, fresher drink and absolutely an easy gin cocktail to make at home.”

– Bianca Fioritti, Social Media and Content Queen

A bottle of Four Pillars Fresh Yuzu Gin next to a can of ready to drink gin and soda and yuzus.

“I’m a real convert to Fresh Yuzu Gin. I like that it’s zingy and at the distillery, Big Dave makes this cocktail with it called the Hibiki that is insanely delicious. I’m also a little bit lazy, so I often opt for the Fresh Yuzu Gin and Soda RTD, so I don’t have to mix anything.”

– Lily Chalmers, Social Media Assistant

A bottle of Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin and Rare Dry Gin next to some oranges which is the main gin botanical.

“I want to take Bianca’s answer… but my favourites are Rare Dry Gin and Olive Leaf Gin – can’t decide. Rare Dry G&T, orange. Olive Leaf Dry Martini, lemon twist.”

– Scott Gauld, Distillery Doors and Ops Manager

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