The Making of Green Apple & Rhubarb Gin

Our starting point for this gin was the freshly pressed rhubarb juice from the gardens of our Distiller Series partner, Warner’s Distillery. And what better to complement rhubarb than delicious fresh apples grown in the Yarra Valley?

Our distilling team got to work, setting out to create a gin that balanced the freshness and acidity of the fruit, with warm sweetness and spice. And we decided to look a little left of field for some of our botanicals like cacao shell – a waste product from the chocolate-making process – and fig leaf which we “foraged” from the gardens of our Four Pillars team and other friends around Healesville. It was a great idea…until we had to collect thousands of leaves.

Our dry botanicals and spice went into the pot, with Pink Lady apples and lemons in the botanical basket, and then post-distillation, we brought in three very special liquids to blend with the gin.

First up was the rhubarb juice from Warner’s which is all fresh and tangy. Then there is the apple juice which brings a hint of sweetness with plenty of acidity to boot. And finally, the apple cider spirit (or eau de vie if you’re fancy) which our Assistant Distiller and former cider brewer, Alice, distilled, which adds depth and complexity as well as beautiful perfume aromatics.

The final gin is all bright, crisp, fresh fruit balanced with richer winter spices and an endless depth of flavour.

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