The Green Apple and Rhubarb Gin Story

We’re taking you back…

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a slightly cherubic but potty-mouthed, young-ish chap called Tom came to making gin. And not just any gin, for he was a dreamer, he made very good craft gin with natural homegrown botanicals from his bucolic farm in Harrington, Northamptonshire. 

And he made one particular gin that caught the fancy of very many people across the world – it was made with rhubarb grown on his farm, which he extracted using a method he called the ‘Harrington Method.’ It sounds a LOT more scientific than it is. This all happened back in the “before” years, let’s call it 2014. I know, right, AGES ago.

At around the same time, a taller and infinitely more handsome Australian athlete called Cam, was doing something similar with Shiraz grapes. But because he is a laconic Aussie with less access to fancy words, he never came up with a description for his Shiraz method. He called it “squeezing juice from Shiraz grapes and making Bloody Shiraz Gin.” This is why, my friends, our country has snowy mountains and sandy deserts…

And so, Tom and Cam met a few times across the world at gin festivals, struck up a bit of high-quality rapport, “your cricket team is s***,” “no yours is” – it was hardly Jane Austen, but it was the best the two could do. And they became firm friends in gin.

So fast forward to 2022, and Cam and Tom think it might be fun if Cam tools around with Rhubarb (that sounds weirder than intended) and Tom does the same with Shiraz.

And here is the first of the two experiments. Four Pillars Green Apple and Rhubarb Gin.

It is pretty delicious and does indeed feature rhubarb from the Warner family farm that was extracted and shipped to Healesville using the Harrington method and a really big cargo ship.

England and Australia have a LOT of history, but we think this is the first time an English and Aussie gin distillery have truly collaborated to make a gin. We could be wrong, and if we are, please complain loudly.

Our Green Apple & Rhubarb Gin is a ripper, as is the Warners Harrington Shiraz Gin. They’re both a little weird, a bit “out there,” but they have craft and pure drinkability at their heart.

Tom and Cam did good. Now we just need the Aussies to figure out how to beat BazBall and retain the Ashes this year.

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