Make your own bottled Bloody Café Negroni

Coffee – spiked Negronis at the ready – using your last drop of Bloody Shiraz Gin.

Sometimes you just really, really need a Negroni – and pronto. Hold on to your final drops of Bloody Shiraz Gin and we’ll show you how to make a bottled cocktail that’s both spectacular and ready to go on the fly.

This Negroni’s got a little coffee twist for added oomph. Mix it up, tuck that bottle in the fridge door, and thank yourself later.

  • 180mL Bloody Shiraz Gin
  • 180mL sweet vermouth
  • 120mL water
  • 90mL Campari
  • 90mL Mr. Black (or your favourite cold drip liqueur)
  • Pour ingredients into a large container and mix together with a whisk/spatula
  • Pour into an empty 700mL Four Pillars bottle
  • Refrigerate
  • When ready to serve, pour 100mL at a time over ice
  • Garnish with an orange wedge

If you’re flying solo and just want one drink, follow these quantities for the perfect coffee-laced blend.

  • 30mL Bloody Shiraz Gin
  • 30mL sweet vermouth
  • 15mL Campari
  • 15mL Mr. Black (or your favourite cold drip liqueur)
  • Stir over ice and strain into a rocks glass over a block of ice
  • Garnish with an orange wedge
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