Say hello to our newest gins in tins

Back in October 2021, we decided to pay homage to the one often underappreciated Aussie invention – the humble ready-to-drink can. And we did so by taking our first born, Rare Dry Gin, mixing it with just the right amount of tonic and sealing it up in a can to the serve of one standard drink. Behold: Rare Dry Gin & Tonic Cans.

Those cans had a heck of a summer, and so we decided it was time to grow our family of gin tins. Now we’re introducing the bloody delightful Bloody Shiraz Gin And Tonic and flavour-bursting Fresh Yuzu Gin And Soda cans! Ready to roll just in time for summer 22/23.

It’s taken a lot of (figurative) blood, sweat and G&Ts to get these tinnies right, but we’re absolutely stoked with how they turned out.


Fresh Yuzu Gin & Soda happens to be our first ready-to-drink can using soda rather than tonic as the mixer – which means it’s lower in calories but by no means skimping out on the flavour. The Highball-style drink is supercharged with yuzu flavour thanks to an incredibly concentrated Fresh Yuzu Gin base that is combined with clean and crisp carbonated water. Just like our original G&T can, the extra yuzu in the gin distillation means your drink is essentially already garnished, so all that’s left for you to do is crack it open and enjoy.


Bloody Shiraz Gin is a naturally sweet and totally delicious purple liquid which is only made better by a good splash of tonic and big squeeze of lemon. So that’s exactly what we’ve put into our purple can. A hyper-concentrated Bloody Shiraz Gin mixed with bespoke tonic and a healthy dash of lemon to cut through that natural Shiraz sweetness. This pink drink is so flavour-packed it should probably come with a warning… so here’s the warning: you are gonna love this can a lot.

Over the next few months, you’ll spot our new Bloody Shiraz Gin & Tonic and Fresh Yuzu & Soda cans rolling out in good bottle shops across Australia. It’s going to take a little while because there are plenty of stores looking to fill up their fridges with Four Pillars, but we wanted to share the news here first. And we promise you’ll be able to grab a four pack (or more!) before heading out to your birthday party/picnic/beach trip this summer.

Also, the cans aren’t available on our website because we know you’re gonna grab them on the move. But if you find yourself close to our Healesville Distillery or Surry Hills Laboratory, you can come and get ’em from the Gin Shop! Gin in a tin for the win.
Cheers friends!

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