It’s time for pink drinks

Here’s what we like to make with Afloat Pink Gin

Roll out the pink carpet, it’s here. Our third collaboration with Melbourne’s favourite floating bar, Arbory Afloat is now available on our website and in our homes for you to enjoy.

We’re pretty chuffed with how this gin turned out. Not just because of its stunning colour but because of the flavours Cam was able to distill. It’s a Turkish-inspired summer gin so there’s some tropical characters from the pineapple sage alongside some citrussy notes from the cumquats and oranges. To finish it off, a touch of rose water was added giving the gin that light floral aromatic that instantly reminds you of a delicious piece of Turkish delight. Yum.

But what’s a pink gin without some pretty pink drinks to go with it? Here are some of our favourites so you don’t have to worry.


  • Build in a rocks glass over ice
  • Garnish with a wedge of ruby grapefruit

*We like StrangeLove Coastal Tonic with this gin 


  • 45mL Afloat Pink Gin
  • 15mL fresh lime juice
  • 50mL fresh pineapple juice
  • 50mL soda water
  • Build in a wine glass over ice
  • Garnish with a sage leaf

The perfect cocktail starts with the perfect gin. Shop our gin now.

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