Navy Strength Gin & Ginger

Navy Strength Gin & Ginger

<p>Gin in a tin. A tin of gin. Gin and Ginger in a Tinger...whatever you call it, it's time to say hello to the fourth tin in the Four Pillars of Tinned Gin, the Navy Strength and Ginger. Made with Navy Strength Gin and our own version of ginger beer created using fresh ginger and lime juice, this super fresh gin drink is tin-credible.</p>
$29.99 AUD
4 x 250ml
Orders limited to a maximum of 6

Back in 2020 when we started exploring the possibility of gin in a tin, Cam had two ideas he wanted to experiment with. One was our Rare Dry Gin mixed with tonic for a classic G&T, and the second was our Navy Strength Gin mixed with ginger to create a Ginger Mule.

Our Navy Strength Gin is higher in alcohol and is distilled with real ginger and real finger limes – so a Gin and Ginger just seemed so damned obvious. And damnation, it’s a refreshing mule’s kick from in front of the posts.

Like our other gin tins, Cam distilled a special version of Navy Strength Gin, increasing the botanical load to include more of the good stuff like ginger, turmeric and finger limes. It adds some va va voom and also ensures we don’t lose any of that botanical flavour once the mixer is added.

For the mixer, we created our own version of a ginger beer using fresh ginger and lime juice which, when combined with the Navy Strength Gin, creates a super fresh gin drink with a hit of ginger spice and bright citrus.

Drink ice cold straight from the can or if you’re feeling fancy, you can pour it into a glass over ice.

Our boldest gin tin yet.
Gin Tins and Tunes
Live tunes from local talent. Merch giveaways. A first taste of our latest gin tin, Navy Strength Gin and Ginger. Find us at one of our favourite watering holes across the country and book in a Sunday session, stat.
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