Single Barrel Release S30

Single Barrel Release S30

<p><span>S30 is our second ever single barrel gin release and forms part of our barrel-aged gin programme. Aged for four and half years in old McWilliam's Apera (the artist formerly know as Sherry) casks, it really is something speical. Bottled at cask strength, the flavours are huge and give off aromas of resiny juniper, dried fruits and nuts with some really beautiful sweet oak. It's already deep golden colour is a great indication of the flavour to come.</span></p>
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In July 2016, we got our hands on 45 McWilliam’s Apera barrels which had held outstanding fortified wines for around 30 years. The residual character of the barrels was incredible and we had an inkling that we could make some pretty special liquid if we aged some of our gin in them.

Of the 45 barrels we filled, six stood out as being truly complete. For some reason these barrels just aged differently. They show greater complexity and richness, but the spirit is still clean and soft. So we decided to release each barrel of gin as a single barrel gin.

Our first release was S31 last year and now it’s time for our second single barrel gin release, S30.

S30 was bottled after spending 54 months in barrel (54 months sounds so much older than four and a half years). Outside some of the older Genevers produced in the Netherlands it would be rare to find a gin that has been aged for this long.

Thanks to this ageing, the botanical oils have developed a richness that we don’t see in unaged gins. It is unmistakably gin with aromas of resiny juniper, dried fruits and nuts with some really beautiful sweet oak, but it has the complexity of a great aged dark spirit. Its deep golden colour is a great indication of the flavour to come.

We age Rare Dry Gin in Sherry and Apera casks, adding sweetness to the botanical spice.
Keep your drinks simple and sippable to showcase the unique flavours of this super-limited gin.
Wilma has a 450L capacity pot, a swans neck and a botanical basket (where we put our whole oranges).

Seven distinctive aroma plates in her column act to further refine the spirit which follows through to a condenser.

The gin comes out of Wilma at a breathtaking 93.5% alc/vol (187 proof) before we adjust it back to drinking strength, depending on what we’e making.

There’s a bunch of distillery-geek stuff about the levels of purity we can achieve with Wilma’s seven plate column, but when Cam starts talking about it he sounds a bit too ‘Walter White’, so we’ll just say this… the resulting gin has an incredible purity and smoothness for such a high alcohol content. It’s definitely not rocket fuel!

Come learn all about the distilling process and maybe even make a bottle.

Immerse yourself in a masterclass at our Distillery in the Yarra Valley or our Laboratory in Sydney. We offer a number of classes suitable for individuals as well as groups.

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