Bloody Gin Sour Recipe

Velvety deliciousness takes perfect form in this Bloody Sour. A simple shaken cocktail that will blow the minds and taste buds of your gin pals. Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin is a refreshing take on a classic sloe gin. Through steeping Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin in Shiraz grapes from the Yarra Valley, a whole new spirit is created that is rich with flavour directly attributed to the grapes’ peppery, fruity & spicy shiraz flavours. It isn’t as sweet as sloe gin, but it is a perfect building block to some of Four Pillar’s most unique cocktails. Like this creative take on a gin sour recipe with egg white.

Looking for a booze-free version? Click right here.

  • 45mL Bloody Shiraz Gin
  • 30mL lemon juice
  • 15mL sugar syrup (1:1)
  • Dash of egg white or aquafaba
  • Shake all ingredients together with ice
  • Strain into a rocks glass over ice
  • Garnish with a slice of lemon

Four Pillars’ cult-favourite Bloody Shiraz Gin is the perfect, and perhaps an unusual, choice ingredient to use in a gin sour cocktail recipe. It already perfectly balances sweet fruit and spicy goodness creating a truly superb sweet and sour gin cocktail. Simply add all the ingredients to a shaker then dry shake without ice. Then shake again with ice until frothy, and simply strain into a glass. This one’s best served cold in a saucer glass, with a lemon twist garnish. This gin sour recipe is guaranteed to impress with its sweet, frothy and delicious flavour. The textures, the flavours, the colour. 10/10

Bloody Shiraz Gin cocktails
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