Australian Christmas Gin

Australian Christmas Gin

<p><span>To make this special annual release Cam distills Christmas puddings, then ages this gin for a year in 100-year-old Muscat barrels. The gin has ar<span data-contrast="auto" class="TextRun BCX0 SCXW226408586" xml:lang="EN-AU" lang="EN-AU"><span class="NormalTextRun BCX0 SCXW226408586">omatics of classic juniper and a hint of cinnamon, backed up with a rich palate and a hint of sweetness from the Muscat. </span></span>Sip it neat, mix it with ginger ale or beer, or try it in some great cocktails.&nbsp;</span></p>
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This gin is Cam’s tribute to four things he loves: Australia, Christmas, gin and his late mum, Wilma. Each year Wilma would make her puds on Victoria Derby Day, while the rest of the family listened to the races.

So now each year the Four Pillars family makes puddings to this recipe, which Cam distills then ages in Muscat barrels for a year before adding a slight tweak of Muscat at blending. It smells like gin and tastes like Christmas, and we release it each year on Derby Day.

We distill whole Christmas puddings in the botanical basket with amped up juniper, cassia and star anise.
Try a nip on the rocks with a slice of orange, or mix up a celebratory Christmas cocktail.
Wilma has a 450L capacity pot, a swans neck and a botanical basket (where we put our whole oranges).

Seven distinctive aroma plates in her column act to further refine the spirit which follows through to a condenser.

The gin comes out of Wilma at a breathtaking 93.5% alc/vol (187 proof) before we adjust it back to drinking strength, depending on what we’e making.

There’s a bunch of distillery-geek stuff about the levels of purity we can achieve with Wilma’s seven plate column, but when Cam starts talking about it he sounds a bit too ‘Walter White’, so we’ll just say this… the resulting gin has an incredible purity and smoothness for such a high alcohol content. It’s definitely not rocket fuel!

Come learn all about the distilling process and maybe even make a bottle.

Immerse yourself in a masterclass at our Distillery in the Yarra Valley or our Laboratory in Sydney. We offer a number of classes suitable for individuals as well as groups.

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