Bloody Shiraz Gin 2022

Bloody Shiraz Gin 2022

<p>Gin combined with Shiraz grapes? Bloody brilliant. This crazy experiment using our original Rare Dry Gin steeped with local cool climate Shiraz grapes has become a cult-favourite, the perfect balance of sweet fruit and ginny goodness. <span>This year&rsquo;s limited edition artwork is by Australian artist Luke Shadbolt, and depicts a great wave (of gin?!) off the coast of Australia. We reckon it&rsquo;s a pretty bloody stunning bottle, both full and empty (most of us use our old empties as water bottles).</span></p>
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We’ve finally found categories to enter Bloody Shiraz Gin in, and the results are bloody brilliant.
Global Gin Masters
ADI International Spirits Competition
ADI International Spirits Competition
London IWSC

From its dark purple colour to its natural grape sweetness, Bloody Shiraz Gin is a bloody revelation.

Ever since its first vintage release, this experiment that worked has been a happy shock to the senses for all who try it. Take a sip and you’ll taste citrus and spice with the perfect balance of sweet fruit and ginny goodness.

For our 2022 limited-edition bottle, we collaborated with award-winning photographer and artist Luke Shadbolt and transferred a copper plate etching of one of his iconic Australian wave photos onto our Bloody Shiraz Gin bottle. The artwork celebrates the magic of liquid in motion, just like the Shiraz grapes that swirl around in gin to create our bloody purple drop.

Our distillery is in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley, beautiful cool climate wine country. We’d have to be crazy not to take advantage of it.

So back in 2015 that’s what we did. We were happily making gin out the back of our mate Rob Dolan’s winery when a tiny parcel of Shiraz came in from one of the region’s best vineyards. Rob wasn’t sure what to do with it, so we kindly ‘took it off his hands’…

Cam Mackenzie steeped those grapes in Rare Dry Gin and the result was alcoholic alchemy… the juice turned a magical purple colour and found a sweetness straight from the ripe grapes.

Each year we take Victorian Shiraz fruit and steep the whole berries in high-proof gin for eight weeks before pressing.

The colour remains a deep, rich purple. Aromatically it shows fresh pine needles, citrus and spice, and distinct peppery, dense raspberry notes. The palate is lovely and sweet with a long juniper and spice character on the finish.

Stronger than sloe gin and more natural (and pre-dating) than pink gin, six years on more gin drinkers at home and abroad have fallen in love with it…

The marriage of Rare Dry Gin botanicals with the most delicious Shiraz fruit on the planet. No added sugar. None. Ever.
This is gin, not sloe gin, so it packs a punch and is ideal in a range of cocktails.
Our experimental approach to gin making has led us down some interesting paths. Our Bloody Shiraz Gin uses grapes from local Victorian vineyards.
see how it’s made
Wilma has a 450L capacity pot, a swans neck and a botanical basket (where we put our whole oranges).

Seven distinctive aroma plates in her column act to further refine the spirit which follows through to a condenser.

The gin comes out of Wilma at a breathtaking 93.5% alc/vol (187 proof) before we adjust it back to drinking strength, depending on what we’e making.

There’s a bunch of distillery-geek stuff about the levels of purity we can achieve with Wilma’s seven plate column, but when Cam starts talking about it he sounds a bit too ‘Walter White’, so we’ll just say this… the resulting gin has an incredible purity and smoothness for such a high alcohol content. It’s definitely not rocket fuel!

Come learn all about the distilling process and maybe even make a bottle.

Immerse yourself in a masterclass at our Distillery in the Yarra Valley or our Laboratory in Sydney. We offer a number of classes suitable for individuals as well as groups.

WorldPride at the (Fab) Lab
WorldPride 2023 is coming to Sydney this February, so we’re pulling out all the glitter, disco balls and good times to put on one heck of a celebration at the Lab. And yes, we’re calling it Fab Lab.
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