Bloody Pinot Noir Gin

Bloody Pinot Noir Gin

<p>Well it's about bloody time. Eight years after releasing Bloody Shiraz Gin, we've experimented with another grape varietal, the delicate and ethereal Pinot Noir. Made by following the exact same process, Bloody Pinot Noir Gin is lighter &amp; softer than its Shiraz sibling, with a more pronounced gin and red fruit character that dances across the palate.</p>
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In hindsight, we were lucky it was Shiraz and not Pinot Noir that Cam came across on that fateful day back in 2015 when the idea of Bloody Shiraz Gin was born. Shiraz is a resilient workhorse that could withstand Cam’s initial trials and testing in a way that the precious and precocious Pinot Noir probably couldn’t have.

But after eight years of making Bloody Shiraz Gin, it seems we’ve learnt enough lessons to treat the delicate, ethereal Pinot Noir grape just right. And now we have a second bloody experiment hopefully gone right, Bloody Pinot Noir Gin.

Pinot Noir grapes from the Yarra Valley are in high demand, so we were lucky to partner with two local growers whose vineyards each offer something different to the gin. One is closer to the Valley floor, so it’s a warmer site adding richness and a blueberry character; the other is more elevated, giving more freshness, acidity and red fruit.

Once we had the grapes, Cam and the team followed the exact same process used to make Bloody Shiraz Gin, pouring high-proof Rare Dry Gin over the fruit and leaving it to steep for around seven weeks, extracting the flavour, colour and natural sweetness from the grapes.

This gin is as you might expect – a lighter, paler and more delicate gin than that made with Shiraz.

Aromas of rose petals, strawberries and cherries are coupled with a palate that dances a little lighter across the tongue than its Shiraz sibling. There is a hint more fresh acidity, the gin character is a little more pronounced and the taste is a little drier and softer.

Your first taste of Bloody Pinot Noir Gin should be straight up or on the rocks and after that, well it’s up to you.

It was out with the Shiraz grapes and in with Pinot Noir to make our second bloody grape gin.
Lighter and more delicate than its Shiraz sibling. Enjoy on the rocks or mix it up in a gin drink.
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