2022 Bloody Underhill Shiraz Gin

2022 Bloody Underhill Shiraz Gin

<p>Four Pillars x Yarra Yering BLOODY UNDERHILL SHIRAZ GIN is back and dare we say, even better. This single vineyard release is the combination of two of the best known Shiraz products from the Yarra Valley: one the region&rsquo;s finest Shiraz vineyard, Yarra Yering&rsquo;s Underhill and the other, our Bloody Shiraz Gin. Intense, dark and slightly bitter it is truly a gin drink like no other.</p>
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In August 2021 we released our inaugural single vineyard Bloody Underhill Shiraz Gin made in partnership with the incredible Sarah Crowe at Yarra Yering.

It was a gin drink that defied easy description or categorisation. A bit amaro-like but not really amaro-like, a bit like a Barolo Chinato but different. It was truly unique.

So after making it once, and it selling out pretty bloody quicky, the inevitable question was raised. Would or should we do it again?

Well we were a yes and lucky for us, Crowey agreed to part ways with some of her very limited Underhill fruit for the second time. So here it is back for a second vintage.

Cam smelling Four Pillars Bloody Underhill Shiraz Gin
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As we did last year, we steeped whole bunches of the Underhill fruit in Rare Dry Gin which had by this point spent two years ageing in Yarra Yering Dry Red barrels. After last year’s release, Cam topped up the barrels starting a solera which has bought more complexity and richness, and dry fruit and gingery characteristics to the 2022 vintage.

After the best part of three months, Cam gently pressed the gin and juice, mixing in more barrel-aged gin and similar to last year, a small amount of organic gentian for additional bitterness and mouthfeel.

No gin-based drink we have ever seen has tasted quite like this. It is far removed from our regular Bloody Shiraz Gin; deeper in colour, higher in alcohol, more intense in sweetness and considerably more complex in flavour. The tannins are stronger and the Amaro-like bitterness adds a dryness that makes this very sippable.

Tasting the final gin requires a couple of ice cubes and, unusually for us, some quiet moments of concentration and reflection. It’s a bit mad and it will definitely challenge perceptions of what gin can be.

The marriage of our Rare Dry Gin botanicals with the most delicious Shiraz fruit on the planet. No added sugar. None. Ever.
A gin unlike any we’ve ever tasted. Perfect on the rocks or mixed with some sherry & bitters.
Say hello to the second vintage of our Single Vineyard Bloody Shiraz Gin; tiny in quantity, large in flavour and complexity.
Four Pillars Gin X Yarra Yering Bloody Underhill Shiraz Video
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