Green Apple & Rhubarb Gin

Green Apple & Rhubarb Gin

<p>Our fifth Distiller Series gin takes fresh rhubarb and Yarra Valley apples and combines them with rich brown spices to make a gin that is bright, rich and full of depth. Using freshly pressed rhubarb shipped in from our friends at Warner&rsquo;s Distillery in the UK, this gin is basically apple and rhubarb crumble in a glass. But with a whole lot more freshness and maybe a touch more alcohol&hellip;</p>
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Before we released this gin, we entered it into the Gin Masters to see what the judges thought, and we're absolutely chuffed with the result.
Global Gin Masters

Like most “good” stories involving Brits & Aussies, the idea for this gin started with a drink in a pub. Discourse on cricket quickly turned to gin and it became evident that Warners and Four Pillars had a lot in common.

We both love a good time and a good drink, and we’re both passionate about sustainable distilling using real, local ingredients to achieve big, natural flavours. So, naturally, it was decided we had to do something together, and thus our fifth Distiller Series gin was born. We agreed to trade our Shiraz grapes for some of their estate-grown rhubarb, and what better to complement rhubarb than delicious fresh apples grown in the Yarra Valley.

Our distilling team got to work, setting out to create a gin that balanced the freshness and acidity of the rhubarb and apples with a bit of warmth, sweetness, and spice from brown spices like cassia and nutmeg.

With sustainability being a focus for both distilleries, we looked slightly left of field for some of our botanicals like cacao shells and fig leaf, and then brought in botanicals like lemon myrtle for freshness, wattleseed for richness, and brown spices and ginger for warmth. Lemons and pink lady apples in the botanical basket bring an acidity hit that cuts through the warmth.


Post-distillation is where the rhubarb juice from Warner’s comes into play. In fact, three separate liquids are blended into the gin after distillation: rhubarb juice, apple juice and an apple cider spirit.

The rhubarb juice is fresh and tangy, the apple juice brings a hint of sweetness and the apple cider spirit (or eau de vie if you’re fancy) adds depth and complexity as well as beautiful perfume aromatics.

The resulting gin is all bright, crisp, fresh fruit balanced with richer winter spices and an endless depth of flavour, perfect for enjoying in a G&T, a Highball or a Fruit Cup.

Fresh fruit meets wintery brown spices.
A Rhubarb Crumble Sour, need we say more...
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