Sherry Cask Gin

Sherry Cask Gin

<p><span>Sherry Cask Gin is rich and layered with fruit and nut flavours. Our Sherry cask solera is made up of 42 casks, some from Spain and some from Australian Apera (fortified wine). The colour has deepened as the casks age and residual sherry characters are underpinned by pine oil notes. The gin finishes with a subtle sweetness from the tweak of Amontillado Sherry we add at bottling.</span></p>
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Our barrel-aged gins were inspired by an Old Tom style gin from America. There were flavours we had never seen in gin before – toasty oak with a softness on the palate. We sipped it neat. We tried it in cocktails. We wanted to make our own.

So first we aged a gin in Chardonnay barrels. And then we got our hands on some Sherry casks from Spain (plus some local casks), and have been ageing this Sherry Cask Gin since 2017 with even more fruit and nut characters.

Our first solera release of Sherry Cask Gin was in 2018, and it’s been getting better with age since.
Global Gin Masters
We age Rare Dry Gin in Sherry and Apera casks, adding sweetness to the botanical spice.
This gin is for sipping and mixing, but we don’t suggest trying it with tonic water.
We started barrel-ageing gin back in 2013, and our newest program uses Sherry and Apera casks to produce this rich and sweet Sherry Cask Gin.
Our barrel-aged gins
Wilma has a 450L capacity pot, a swans neck and a botanical basket (where we put our whole oranges).

Seven distinctive aroma plates in her column act to further refine the spirit which follows through to a condenser.

The gin comes out of Wilma at a breathtaking 93.5% alc/vol (187 proof) before we adjust it back to drinking strength, depending on what we’e making.

There’s a bunch of distillery-geek stuff about the levels of purity we can achieve with Wilma’s seven plate column, but when Cam starts talking about it he sounds a bit too ‘Walter White’, so we’ll just say this… the resulting gin has an incredible purity and smoothness for such a high alcohol content. It’s definitely not rocket fuel!

Come learn all about the distilling process and maybe even make a bottle.

Immerse yourself in a masterclass at our Distillery in the Yarra Valley or our Laboratory in Sydney. We offer a number of classes suitable for individuals as well as groups.

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