Modern Australian Gin

Modern Australian Gin

<p><span>An Asian-inspired gin with native botanicals, our Modern<br />Australian Gin truly is the spirit of the country. Red and green Szechuan give it a lovely warm mouthfeel, while the macadamia nuts add softness and an almost creamy palate. The fresh apples, ginger and grapefruit peel, along with dry native quandong, give the gin fruit and lift.</span></p>
$85 AUD
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We worked with the Rockpool drinks team to create the second release in our Bartender Series for Qantas, so our Modern Australian Gin is truly a spirit of Australia.

Asian spices give it a lovely warm mouthfeel (a tiny bit like Neil Perry’s famous numbing duck dish from Spice Temple), and combine with local fruits and Australian macadamia nuts to give us an Asian-inspired modern Australian gin with lots of softness and spice.

This gin is made for cocktails, but first try a G&T with lemon (not our usual orange).
At Four Pillars Distillery we make modern Australian gins, and none more so than this one with a great balance of Asian spice with traditional and native Australian botanicals.
Our modern Australian gins
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