Bloody Shiraz Gin Grape & Quince Paste

As love for Bloody Shiraz Gin grows, so does the number of grapes that go into the purple drop.

These days, making our signature gin and juice leaves us with a (literal) ton of gin-soaked Shiraz grape skins. 

We’d be silly to waste the key to our most extraordinary gin. So our Made From Gin mad scientist, Matt Wilkinson, spent two years thinking about how to turn this by-product into something awesome.

Working with Yarra Valley locals, A Bit of Jam & Pickle, they landed at Bloody Shiraz Gin Grape & Quince Paste.

Each jar combines grape skins with Shiraz grapes, quince, sugar, spices and a bloody heap of Bloody Shiraz Gin. It’s like quince paste… but better.

First and foremost, our Grape & Quince Paste was born to sit on your cheese board. It goes amazingly with a washed rind cheese (especially brie) or a soft blue cheese (like gorgonzola). But honestly, we don’t discriminate when it comes to cheese. 

Speaking of cheese, Wilko’s got a banging recipe for Bloody Shiraz Gin Welsh Rarebit.

Alternatively, you could put the paste on a charcuterie board with chicken or duck pate. It’s great with a bit of pork, chicken or ham hock terrine too. 

And if you’re feeling adventurous, you could even mix some paste with yogurt to make a Bloody Shiraz Gin dip. Delicious.  

It’s worth noting that while the paste has the beautiful gin flavours, all alcohol evaporates during the preserving process. Which means you can eat as much as you want, plus Bloody Shiraz Gin cocktails. Bloody life hack. 

Our new Grape & Quince Paste is available for purchase via our homes and website.

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