Bloody Underhill Shiraz Gin
Four Pillars Bloody Underhill Shiraz
Four Pillars Bloody Underhill Shiraz

Bloody Underhill Shiraz Gin

<p><span> The Four Pillars x Yarra Yering BLOODY UNDERHILL SHIRAZ GIN. Our first ever Single Vineyard release is the combination of two of the best known Shiraz products from the Yarra Valley: one the region&rsquo;s finest Shiraz vineyard, Yarra Yering&rsquo;s Underhill and the other, our Bloody Shiraz Gin. Intense, dark and slightly bitter it is truly a gin drink like no other.&nbsp;</span></p>
$175 AUD
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As gin makers (and wine drinkers) based in the Yarra Valley, we’ve loved Yarra Yering since, well, forever. Cameron still remembers his first and only encounter with Dr Bailey Carrodus, Yarra Yering’s founder.

Since the start of 2020 we’ve been quietly ageing some Rare Dry Gin in Yarra Yering barrels, so when Sarah Crowe (Yarra Yering’s legendary winemaker since 2013) agreed to sell us one single tonne of Underhill Shiraz fruit it was a no-brainer.

The question was how to make the most of the rarest of opportunities and do justice to the fruit and the history of Yarra Yering.

Cam smelling Four Pillars Bloody Underhill Shiraz Gin
Four Pillars Logo and Yarra Yering Logo
Four Pillars Bloody Underhill Shiraz Gin bottle
Four Pillars Bloody Underhill Shiraz Gin bottle

We started by adding whole bunches of the fruit to the barrel-aged gin.

The resulting gin was more interesting and complex than we had expected, with an almost Amaro-like richness balanced with incredible bright, fresh grape flavours.

It combines one of the great Shiraz vineyards of Australia, a uniquely barrel-aged gin, the creative genius of a great winemaker and a great distiller, and the art of blending something completely new with no benchmark or guiding light.

No gin-based drink we have ever seen has tasted quite like this. It is far removed from our regular Bloody Shiraz Gin; deeper in colour, higher in alcohol, more intense in sweetness and considerably more complex in flavour. The tannins are stronger and the Amaro-like bitterness adds a dryness that makes this very sippable.

Tasting the final gin required a couple of ice cubes and, unusually for us, some quiet moments of concentration and reflection. It’s a bit mad and it will definitely challenge perceptions of what gin can be.

Four Pillars Bloody Underhill Shiraz 2021 with Gift box
Four Pillars Bloody Underhill Shiraz 2021 with gin cocktail
The marriage of our Rare Dry Gin botanicals with the most delicious Shiraz fruit on the planet. No added sugar. None. Ever.
A gin unlike any we’ve ever tasted. Perfect on the rocks or mixed with some sherry & bitters.
Tiny in quantity but large in flavour and complexity, welcome to our first Single Vineyard Bloody Shiraz Gin.
Four Pillars Gin X Yarra Yering Bloody Underhill Shiraz Video
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